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IBM has announced some new updates to Cloud Pak for Data and Cloud Pak for Automation. The updates mainly consist of AI features that are supposed to take some tasks out of the hands of users.

In a press release, IBM has made an overview of the new features. The most important highlights can be read below.

Cloud Pak for Data

Cloud Pak for Data is being expanded with new Industry Accelerators. Such Industry Accelerators are standard solutions for specific data purposes, providing samples for data sets, dashboards and machine learning models. The new Industry Accelerators focus on banking, warranty management, supply chain forecasting and retail.

The new Watson Machine Learning Accelerator helps data scientists improve their deep learning models. Quick Scan has also been improved. The feature now dives even deeper into the available data, which should improve the insights it provides.

Cloud Pak for Automation

With Cloud Pak for Automation, IBM tries to automate as many business processes as possible. Automation Document Processing is a new feature for the software. The feature mixes artificial intelligence with low code tooling to automate document processing.

Process Mining is a new feature that helps companies to investigate where profits can still be made with further automation. Furthermore, IBM has added the Robotic Process Automation functions of the recently acquired company WDG Automation.

Red Hat

The new AI features run on OpenShift, the container software developed by IBM’s recently acquired company Red Hat. In a background article on the acquisition, Techzine writes all about the collaboration between IBM and Red Hat.

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The improvements for Cloud Pak for Data will all be released on November 20th. The new Automation Document Processing feature will be available immediately. Process Mining will take a little longer, but will be rolled out as of December.