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Edge computing is set to hit its inflection point in 2021

Edge computing is set to hit its inflection point in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the production of fewer net-new tech and business developments. However, it has accelerated the adoption of technology trends that were already in motion.

One of the most notably accelerated technologies is Edge computing. Every tech vendor, including hardware, software, and cloud, has adopted edge computing, confusing buyers and crowding the market.

2021 will prove to be the inflection point for edge computing. Practical apps are coming out and show where this kind of architecture can bring real benefits. Forrester predicts that some of the critical developments in edge computing will bring the inflection point in 2021.

What are the developments?

Let’s find out:

  • Datacenter marketplaces will be the new edge hosting choice- When people talk about where to locate ‘the edge,’ many of the descriptions are widely varied. They can agree that it should be close to the action or in a nearby data center.
  • Private 5G will push organizations to the edge- 5G will change a lot even though it will take years to adapt everywhere. It will fuel edge computing and be used for tasks that need low-latency networks and faster responses.
  • New edge vendors shave some points off the public cloud’s growth- The public cloud bull run will continue until edge computing becomes too cool to ignore and start shaving points off the cloud growth.

What’s the future like?

We are witnessing the congregation of accelerated technologies, emerging technologies, and growing technologies to create a platform where edge computing can grow.

Edge is not here to replace much. It is a way for enterprises to enhance services like content delivery networks and traditional co-location services.

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