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Google acquires Actifio for data backup and recovery on Google Cloud

Google acquires Actifio for data backup and recovery on Google Cloud

Google is acquiring Actifio, a data management startup. With this acquisition, Google’s public cloud will benefit from better data recovery and data backup capabilities.

The data management platform by Actifio will reduce the amount of time it takes to back up information by a factor of 20 compared to traditional methods. Enterprises usually backup records at intervals, like the end of a week, to ensure they have all the newly created records.

A significant reduction in time spent

The way traditional tools work is by creating a copy of the newly created records and older data. In contrast, Actifio backs up only the new information that has been added since the last backup. With this, the process becomes more efficient.

Less information means that the bandwidth costs are lower, and the companies can back up their data more effectively over the web to a cloud platform.

Actifio says that its technology reduces the time it takes to recover data if there is an outage. This is usually more important than backup speeds because the longer it takes to restore workloads, the more time a company loses before going back to normal.

Open cloud could be a reality soon

Actifio also supports Google Cloud’s main competitors, AWS, and Azure. Considering that Google has been looking to institute an ‘Open Cloud’ strategy where customers can deploy apps across a rival platform, Actifio will likely continue to support both Azure and AWS. 

Google can offer VDP, one of Actifio’s technologies, to help customers reduce their cloud storage bills. With these innovations, it is easy to see how an open cloud strategy could materialize.

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