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Two new feature add-ons help data scientists and data analysts deliver and manage “trusted data” for analytics.

This week, SAS released new features for its Viya platform. These are new data management solutions to further strengthen the solution’s foundation for data and analytic success, they say. The company announced the release in a press release on May 3.

“Analytics help organizations harness big data and use it to identify new opportunities. And the starting point for effective analytics is applying new techniques to discover, prepare and govern data,” said Tapan Patel, Senior Marketing Manager for AI and Analytics at SAS. “New SAS Viya data management offerings allow businesses to catalog assets across the cloud and on-premises and prepare data without hassle. These are fundamental elements of a successful analytic journey.”

Most analytics professionals spend too much time on data preparation, SAS says. “Whether data is simple or complex, organizations need innovative solutions that cut through the chaos,” they say. They also need to provide flexibility and efficiently transform data to create better analytical assets.

SAS Studio Analyst

SAS Studio Analyst gives data scientists and data analysts a self-service environment to expedite delivery of trusted data for analytics. The offering allows users to visually represent data quality and data preparation steps as part of the flow. They can then easily reuse and manage these steps, according to SAS. They say this helps to jump-start analytics initiatives and efficiently orchestrate data needed for it.

SAS Information Governance

The second major addition to the Viya platdform is SAS Information Governance. This add-on provides an intuitive data catalog and metadata search facility. The facility can be used by analyst, business and IT users to ingest, discover and manage data resources. It does all this while simultaneously governing and protecting data. With the solution, data professionals can spend less time searching and organizing data, and more time on actual analysis.

The latest release of SAS Viya includes these new data management offeringsand SAS plans to continuously update them. The cloud-native software enables customers to efficiently democratize analytics throughout their organizations SAS says. And they do this while seamlessly managing analytic workloads and embedding analytics into variety of operational applications for making confident decisions.