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Cisco moves to strengthen its AppDynamics solution through the acquisition of Kubernetes specialist Replex.

Replex, a startup based in the United States and Germany, houses Kubernetes proficiency and technology in the areas of real-time data extraction and analytics. Cisco has shown serious intent to acquire the company, aiming to expand AppDynamics, its application monitoring platform.


Kubernetes tooling for governance and cost management is one of Replex’ areas of expertise. Said technology has the potential to boost Cisco AppDynamics’ value for business observability in large cloud-based environments. While the specifics of possible Replex integrations into AppDyanmics are unknown at this time, Cisco confirms that Replex’ team will start work on new observability solutions as part of Cisco’s organization after the official acquisition.

Not the first — and probably not the last

Cisco has been aspiring to grow its foothold in the observability market for some time, as illustrated by continuous investments in the AppDynamics platform. The acquisition of Replex fits into the same strategy as the purchase of Dashbase, a provider of event and log analytics software, acquired near the end of last year. Before that, ThousandEyes — the ‘Google Maps for application traffic’ — joined Cisco’s ranks, further exemplifying a long-lasting interest in application performance monitoring (APM) success.