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During Cisco Live, Cisco traditionally makes many announcements. One of the most interesting announcements today is the one about ThousandEyes, which it acquired last year. Cisco has now integrated that company’s monitoring solutions into some of its own products. These include integration into the Catalyst 9300 and 9400 Series switches as well as the APM solution AppDynamics.

The rationale behind the integration of ThousandEyes into switches and AppDynamics is quite straightforward. More and more organizations are moving towards SaaS and cloud-based services. If you do that, you start using networks and services over which you yourself have little or no control, such as the Internet. If you offer a service to your customers, then you want to leave as little as possible to chance and therefore want to have insights into the state of external networks and services. And that is exactly what ThousandEyes, the ‘Google Maps for application traffic’ can offer.

AppDynamics and Catalyst

The integration of ThousandEyes and AppDynamics is actually a no-brainer, on paper at least. With this, you’re linking application performance monitoring with network and internet performance monitoring. If you can get this together in a single dashboard, it means that different teams within your organization start speaking the same language, so to speak. Network, application and cloud teams can investigate incidents from a single shared environment. Not just for a specific component, but in theory for the entire digital ecosystem.

As of now, ThousandEyes Internet & Cloud Intelligence is standard in the Catalyst 9000 line of switches. The idea behind this is that it gives you insight from the core of your campus infrastructure to the applications and networks you use off campus. If you have a problem with poorly performing (cloud) applications, you can trace the source of that. If there is a malfunction, then in theory you know quickly where it is located. You can then respond quickly and adequately.

The two new integrations are available as software subscriptions. ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio will be available starting in April. You don’t need to purchase additional licenses or purchase additional agents for this. ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence for Catalyst 9000 is also available starting in April.