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The future is believed to be artificial intelligence by a majority of tech leaders around the world.

We are in an era where technological advancements occur every day, and many people believe that robots might take over the world. Well, that may not be the case, but, indeed, artificial intelligence has rapidly picked up.

According to a survey conducted by IEEE, 95% of the technology industry experts agreed that artificial intelligence would be the future of modern-day innovation. Moreover, the experts had a lot to say about the future of AI and how it will impact various industries.

The impact of AI

The IEEE survey included 350 CIOs and IT directors from all over the world on what they believe will be the most important technologies in the future. With artificial intelligence having the majority of experts agreeing to its importance, the next question is which industry will be impacted the most.

The survey further found that 25% of technology leaders believed the greatest impact would be on the manufacturing sector, closely followed by the financial, healthcare, and energy sector. This change is set to disrupt these sectors, and industry leaders are already taking measures to get in line with the changing paradigm.

Artificial intelligence is already being used in several sectors to simplify manual tasks. The growth of AI is inevitable, and it is up to industries to find a way to incorporate it into their processes or risk being left in the past. Experts are already speculating that in the next five years, robots will be handling a quarter of an organization’s processes and will be deployed in all segments of the company. You can expect to see robots not only in manufacturing but even in marketing and human resources in the coming years.