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Large-scale open source-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) models are increasingly in demand. More and more open-source NLP initiatives emerge. According to tech website Venture Beat, these initiatives are driving the revenue of NLP-as-a-service.

Venture Beat says budgets for NLP-based AI models have increased by 10 percent in one year. Nearly a third of companies interested in NLP models are spending 33 percent more.

Providers of NLP models are benefiting significantly. Think of organizations like OpenAI, developer of the well-known powerful GPT-3 model, Cohere and A121 Labs. Today, GPT-3 is used in over 300 different applications, leveraged by tens of thousands of developers and responsible for the production of about 4.5 billion words per day.

Emergence of open-source NLP developers

With the advent of highly successful open-source-based models, the use of adhering AI applications has been democratized.

According to Venture Beat, the advent has another effect. Developers of NLP models often choose to not publish their models as open-source, commercially exploiting them instead.

Resultingly, the demand for open-source NLP grows, and more and more models see the light of day. With these open-source NLP models, other companies can more easily offer their own services, allowing more end users to benefit.

EleutherAI is one of the initiators for developing open-source-based NLP models. EleutherAI developed its own NLP model: GPT-J, similar to GPT-3. The open-source provider offers The Pile, a dataset for training large language models to write text and code.

NLP-as-a-service providers

In turn, EleutherAI’s open-source model is used by NLP Cloud, a startup offering ‘NLP-as-a-service’. Another startup marketing EleutherAI’s open-source technology is Neuro. This startup offers GTP-J on a pay-per-use basis.

Researchers indicate that the emergence of NLP-as-a-service providers leads to a new phase for the use of NLP. They expect smaller companies to be better able to more effectively offer NLP than large developers like OpenAI.

According to the experts, smaller companies with open-source-based NLP models will increase the number of companies embracing NLP. Furthermore, the researchers state that smaller companies will significantly increase sales in the market segment in the coming years.