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Qlik wants to go public in the United States. The Business Intelligence (BI) vendor hopes to capture more market share in the field of analytics and data integration.

The application has been filed with US stock market regulator SEC. The amount and price of shares have not yet been determined. The precise moment of the company’s listing is unknown.

An IPO is not new for Qlik. Before the company was acquired by private investment firm Thoma Bravo in 2016, Qlik was listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in the United States.

The BI vendor wants to use the capital raised by the IPO to increase its market share. It should soon bring more competition to the data integration and analytics market.

Qlik solutions

Qlik offers cloud-based data management and analytics tools. It allows companies to collect data and provide insight with visualizations. This enables companies to gain insight and drive their operations.

Besides offering visualizations, Qlik provides the necessary tooling for preparing data for analysis. This includes integrating data and removing duplicates. Well-known solutions are Qlik Data Integration and Qlik Sense.

An important part of its technology is the Associative Engine. During data set analysis, the engine makes it possible to automatically retrieve information that is useful for the project in question.

Tip: Qlik works on platform for the next phase of business intelligence (BI)