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Appian has introduced Appian Process Mining. The solution is available as part of the Appian Low-Code Platform. Appian Process Mining visualizes inefficient work processes and identifies causes, allowing process improvements through the Low-Code Platform.

Process mining involves analyzing work processes to discover inefficient patterns. That’s exactly what Appian Process Mining sets out to achieve. The software analyzes data and outputs visualizations of inefficient work processes. Simultaneously, the software recognizes and explains the causes of inefficiencies, allowing work processes to be improved.

Appian Process Mining does not extend to actual improvements. The solution points out areas for improvement, which can be leveraged through the Appian Low-Code Platform. The platform has several modules for developing workflows and automating work processes. Workflows and automation allow organizations to straighten out inefficiencies discovered by Process Mining.

Most of Appian Low-Code Platform’s modules are usable without specialized knowledge on data and programming. Appian Process Mining is no exception to the rule. The solution provides multiple templates to easily map work processes. A no-code interface automates data transformation, eliminating the need to manually structure input data.

Appian Process Mining is available immediately for users of the Appian Low-Code Platform. The Appian Process Mining Kick-Start provides an approachable introduction to the technology.

Lana Labs and Appian

Appian’s acquisition of Lana Labs played a role in the development of Appian Process Mining. Lana Labs, acquired by Appian earlier this year, has been working on a process mining solution since 2016. We recently discussed the acquisition with Michael Beckley (CTO of Appian) and Dr. Rami-Habib Eid-Sabbagh (co-founder of Lana Labs). Our conversation clarifies how and why Appian Process Mining came to be.