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Accenture and Celonis are entering into a strategic partnership. Celonis’ process mining and execution management solutions will be integrated into Accenture’s platforms.

Accenture has been offering Celonis to its clients for some time. Celonis is manually integrated or used in conjunction with Accenture’s platforms. The new partnership strengthens ties. Native integrations of Celonis’ technology and Accenture’s platforms bring process mining and execution management to a broader audience.

What does Celonis mean to Accenture?

Celonis specializes in process mining. Process mining entails technology for analyzing work processes and finding inefficiencies. “An x-ray machine for business processes”, said co-CEO Alexander Rinke in a recent interview with Techzine.

In recent years, the developer has been increasingly focusing on execution management. Execution management entails solutions that act upon insights generated by process mining.

Celonis develops execution management to complement process mining. Process mining finds inefficient work processes; execution management makes work processes efficient. Both technologies have been integrated into Accenture’s platforms.

Accenture’s practice

Accenture’s offering can hardly be categorized. The organization designs services based on customer demand. Suppose a manufacturing company asks for the digitization of a factory and production process. Accenture answers the request by sending a number of specialists and a custom software platform to tackle the challenge. The same goes for banks with a need for new infrastructure, retailers with a demand for marketing success, and every other organization and transformation process imaginable.

In short, customer demands are met with technology and manpower. Finding and mastering valuable software solutions is key to Accenture’s business. In this light, the new partnership with Celonis should come as no surprise.

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