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Celonis acquires Process Analytics Factory. Both organizations specialize in process mining. Celonis strengthens its market position.

Process Analytics Factory analyzes data in Power BI to find inefficient work processes. Supported processes vary. For instance, the technology calculates the amount of items a retailer is able to sell in a specified period. Should the retailer orders too much stock, the software raises the alarm. The solution is popular in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Today, Celonis announced the acquisition of Process Analytics Factory. Celonis develops process mining technology as well. Instead of being Power BI-exclusive, Celonis’ platform supports a wide range of data sources, systems and infrastructures.

Why Celonis and Process Analytics Factory?

Celonis’ interest in Process Analytics Factory is strategic. The organization wants to offer process mining to as many organizations as possible; not just those working with Power BI or another system. For this purpose, Celonis has been rapidly acquiring process mining specialists and technology. The technology is integrated into Execution Management System, Celonis’ process mining platform.

Last year, Celonis closed an investment round of more $1 billion. By June 2021, its market value was estimated at 10 billion. The future is promising.