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SAS and Cosmo Tech are developing a digital twin solution for predicting and solving supply chain issues.

Supply chains are complex. Potatoes and rubber plants have a long way to go to chip bags and car tires. Spreadsheets are insufficient for predicting unexpected delivery problems. Artificial intelligence offers a solution. Modern technology allows organizations to not only visualize supply chains, but scan for future problems as well.

SAS develops a broad range of analytics solutions for banks, healthcare providers, scientists, retailers and manufacturing companies. The organization will collaborate with Cosmo Tech, a developer of digital twin technology. Digital twins are digital simulations of physical environments such as factories and data centers. The combination of digital twins and analytics is very promising for supply chain management. By simulating a supply chain with a digital twin, the consequences of supply chain changes can be tested without affecting the real-world chain.

Digital twins of supply chains

SAS and Cosmo Tech are working on a solution for simulating supply chains with digital twins. The name and release date are unknown, but the method is set in stone. The solution connects to the IoT devices in a supply chain. Device data is processed into a digital twin. The digital twin is adaptable without consequences for the actual supply chain. If, for example, you want to know what happens when a material is delivered five minutes late, you adjust the digital twin and let the system simulates the consequences. The same applies to most other issues.

Tip: AWS makes IoT TwinMaker generally available

SAS Intelligent Planning Suite

The solution is best used in combination with technology for forecasting supply chain problems. If you have an idea of the problems that can or will occur, the digital twin allows you to test the consequences of different solutions. Hence, SAS and Cosmo Tech are building the system on top of SAS Intelligent Planning Suite, an existing offering of technology for predicting supply chain problems.

“For supply chain managers, it’s difficult to predict the impact of a decision, a disruption, or an unexpected event on the entire organization,” said Hugues de Bantel, Co-Founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech. “SAS and Cosmo Tech’s combined technologies let customers understand in real-time not only how organizations are performing but how they will perform even in situations they’ve never experienced before.”

As mentioned earlier, the release date is unknown. The solution will initially focus on the supply chains of manufacturing companies, consumer products and retailers. However, the partners stress that digital twins are just as applicable to other verticals, including healthcare and financial services.