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UiPath’s robots are now available in low-code platform OutSystems

UiPath’s robots are now available in low-code platform OutSystems

RPA vendor UiPath announced a partnership with OutSystems, the developer of a low-code application platform. A new integration allows joint users to incorporate software robots from UiPath into applications developed with OutSystems.

UiPath’s platform helps organizations find and automate manual processes. Process mining technology scans an environment for inefficient processes, after which robotic process automation (RPA) automates the processes with software bots.

UiPath is capable of automating a diverse range of processes. Think of data transfers between applications, the digitization of data on paper documents, and approval processes between employees and managers. The technology used to automate processes is now available for applications developed with OutSystems.

UiPath and OutSystems

OutSystems develops a low-code platform for application development. The platform replaces traditional programming processes with visual interfaces, helping organizations spend less time and money on training and recruiting qualified developers.

OutSystems and UiPath recently developed an integration. Joint customers now have access to a pre-built connector. The connector allows organizations to incorporate software robots from UiPath into applications developed with OutSystems.

Use case

The connector has long been available to a select number of customers, including IT distributor Redington Gulf. Thanks to the integration, the company was able to develop an application that automates the work of more than ten full-time employees.

Redington Gulf sells products from a variety of suppliers. Many suppliers organize temporary rebate programs. Redington Gulf wants to qualify for as many rebate programs as possible. The problem is that the details of these programs, including the terms and rebate amounts, frequently change.

Suppliers keep Redington Gulf informed of changes through updates in emails, PDFs and partner portals. The company employed more had 10 full-time employees to keep track of all updates and process the details in a central system. Redington Gulf wanted to automate the process, but the company runs entirely on SAP, and SAP did not have a suitable solution.

Ultimately, the integration of UiPath and OutSystems solved the problem. UiPath allows users to develop software robots that collect data in various documents, including invoices, emails and other messages. Redington Gulf used the connector between UiPath and OutSystems to develop an application with OutSystems and incorporate a software robot from UiPath. The application scans messages from suppliers to maintain an automatic record of rebate programs.

The connector is immediately available for joint customers.

Tip: The UiPath Platform is about so much more than RPA