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Windows Central reports that Microsoft plans to redesign the File Explorer in Windows 11 with a new photo viewer for larger previews, more touch-friendly navigation, tighter integration with Microsoft 365 and OneDrive, and keyword and colour tagging for file organization.

A sneak peek of the new design reveals the addition of a “recommended” section for files alongside the existing sections for pinned and recent files.

The preview displays large versions of various documents and details of file locations, such as in OneDrive, SharePoint and the local Downloads folder. Information on recent file changes is included as well.


According to the report, Microsoft aims to launch the new File Explorer before the end of the year. It could be part of the annual Windows update in the fall, though Microsoft’s approach to releasing new Windows features in the era of Windows 11 is flexible.

Since the release of Windows 11, Explorer has undergone several updates, including g a tabbed design following the Windows 11 2022 release. Additionally, the design was modified to align with the overall look of Windows 11, abandoning the old ribbon UI from Windows 8.

Antitrust worries

However, Microsoft’s integrations and combinations of different services have caught the attention of regulators.

It has been reported that the European Commission plans to launch an investigation into the company due to the bundling of Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 productivity apps.

An overhauled File Explorer that emphasizes and promotes OneDrive and Microsoft 365 could increase concerns.

Tip: ‘European Commission plans antitrust investigation into Microsoft Teams’