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Microsoft has responded to feedback from users regarding the Bing chat feature, which was introduced to a limited set of preview testers.

The chat feature initially included limits of 5 chat turns per session and a total of 50 per day. Still, users quickly requested a return of longer chats to enable them to search more effectively and interact with the feature better.

In response, Microsoft has increased the chat turns per session to 6 and expanded to 60 daily chats. The company plans to go even further and increase the daily cap to 100 total chats soon.

User feedback has been invaluable

In addition to these changes, Microsoft is also working on an option that lets users choose the tone of the chat, ranging from more precise and search-focused answers to more creative and chatty responses. The goal is to give users more control over the chat behavior that best meets their needs.

Microsoft has emphasized that the purpose of testing the new Bing in the open with a limited set of preview testers is to identify atypical use cases from which they can learn and improve the product.

Long and intricate chat sessions were not something the company would typically find with internal testing, which is why user feedback has been valuable in improving the feature.

The Bing team has more updates coming

It is worth noting that while the chat limits were put in place due to a handful of cases in which long chat sessions confused the underlying model, Microsoft’s data shows that the vast majority of users will be able to use Bing naturally with the new chat limits. In addition, regular searches will no longer count against chat totals with the coming change.

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