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Henchman has raised 6.5 million euros of capital from Adjacent VC and Acton Capital. The company plans to use the investment to use AI to support the lawyer of tomorrow.

The startup launched in the summer of 2021, when it began with a search robot integrated into Microsoft Word that suggests clauses based on contracts from lawyers’ databases. It is capable of enriching contracts with suggestions, translating or grammatically fully customizing them. With this, Henchman now serves companies from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Millions invested

To further focus on innovation, Henchman has raised 6.5 million euros. Besides the American Adjacent VC and the German Acton Capital, the British Conviction VC, Louis Jonckheere and Pieterjan Bouten (founders Showpad), Hendrik Isebaert (CEO Showpad) and Felix Van de Maele (founder Collibra) stepped in. Current shareholders also put money into the company during the recent investment round.

The money is intended to stay ahead of the competition and enter new markets. “After a few reference calls it became clear that the power of Henchman is how perfectly the product fits into the legal professionals’ existing workflow. It is rare to see a SaaS company win international clients this early in its journey, but the teams’ customer obsession already drove adoption across Europe and in the US. I am excited to team up as we scale to the next level,” says Nico Wittenborn, Investor at Adjacent V.

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