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Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s modern life, search, and devices group, announced the news in a blog post on Wednesday. This update comes after Microsoft released a new version of Bing with an AI chatbot developed in collaboration with OpenAI just last month.

The AI chatbot is currently available through a preview program, which has millions of participants, according to Mehdi. Interestingly, one-third of the participants are entirely new to Bing, contributing to the increase in Bing’s daily active users.

The chatbot’s features have made the search engine experience more enjoyable for many users. It is now being accessed on average three times per Bing session, with 45 million uses recorded since the preview program began.

The mobile version is drawing more users

Additionally, Bing’s new chatbot features are drawing more users to the mobile version of the search engine, with six times more active daily users than before the chatbot was launched. The trend of increased user engagement is attributed to the new chatbot and to Microsoft’s efforts to make standard search results more relevant as users interact with Bing more.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s deployment of OpenAI’s machine learning software to the algorithms Bing uses to generate standard search results has produced the “largest jump in relevance” since Bing’s launch.

New Edge browser with AI

Microsoft is testing a new AI-equipped Edge browser with Bing as the default search engine. Mehdi is optimistic that this will contribute to further growth as Edge’s usage has increased for the past seven quarters.