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While concerns about talent retention are on the rise, most companies are struggling with an online infrastructure that does not adequately facilitate hybrid work. According to research from cloud security provider Zscaler, IT leaders are pursuing zero trust-based solutions where no user or application is inherently trusted.

Many organizations’ current security policies make access to applications more difficult among hybrid workers than it should be. Previously, companies have used VPN connections to make their business networks accessible from the outside. However, 45% of Dutch respondents to the Zscaler survey report that they consider VPNs inefficient with regard to cybersecurity. In addition, half of those surveyed said that employees had experienced an unstable connection.

Zero-trust has landed

47% of Dutch organizations that have transitioned to the cloud prefer a zero-trust architecture. It appears the approach is in demand. Zscaler, as a cloud security provider with its Zero Trust Exchange platform, offers a solution for organizations to let users and applications connect regardless of their location.

The only question is to what extent digital transformation is feasible for different organizations. In many cases, adjustments must be made to improve the user experience and job satisfaction of hybrid workers. Zscaler chief Ismail Elmas notes that younger employees specifically expect that their digital experience will be flawless. To retain talent, implementing zero trust can therefore be decisive.

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