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In case you missed it, Instagram is on the verge of launching a new text-based app, and rumors suggest it could be here as early as June.

The project, known by the codenames P92, Project 92, or Barcelona, is Instagram’s endeavor to create a decentralized social network explicitly tailored for “creators and public figures.” Its catchy tagline? “Instagram for your thoughts.”

Inside sources with knowledge of secret discussions at Meta, Instagram’s parent company, have shared intriguing details about the forthcoming app. One creator participating in these exclusive talks divulged the following.

The details

The decentralized app will build upon the foundations of Instagram while maintaining compatibility with other platforms like Mastodon. Key features include streamlined access using users’ existing Instagram username and password, seamless synchronization with current followers and a smooth transition of user handle, bio, and even verification status from Instagram. In addition, there’s the ability for users on other apps to search, follow, and interact with their profile and content. The app will showcase a centralized feed featuring followers and recommended content. It will allow its user base to share text updates of up to 500 characters (shorter than an Instagram caption, an extended tweet, or a LinkedIn post, making brevity key. Furthermore, those on the platform can attach links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in duration and engage with likes, replies, and reposts.

The app will incorporate essential creator controls and account safety features, such as managing replies and mentions according to one’s preferences. It will apparently easily block or report spam accounts, automatically carry over blocks from Instagram and maintain hidden words users have selected on Instagram.

When it comes to security, the service will use 2FA (two-factor authentication) and enforce the same community guidelines as Instagram.

Be prepared

Currently, there is no concrete information regarding monetization plans, which could mean an ad-free experience initially. In that case, expect a strong emphasis on fostering an organic social strategy.

The app’s micro text updates might even replace the inundation of Twitter screenshots we’ve witnessed on feeds lately. However, as with any new app, predicting audience response remains uncertain, so prepare to adapt accordingly.

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