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The Accounts Center will hold all relative user settings across all Meta platforms.

This week Facebook parent Meta announced that it’s centralizing various user settings across its apps, including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Various account settings will be moved to Meta’s ‘Accounts Center‘ feature.

The Accounts Center appeared in 2020, but it’s never been widely promoted until now. Meta is moving settings related to personal details, passwords, security options and ad preferences to this area. The Accounts Center can be accessed from the settings page within each app.

Robert d’Apice, Meta’s Director of Product Management, explained the move in a blog post. “We’re making it easier for people to find and manage certain settings in Accounts Center, especially those who use more than one of our apps”, he said.

Settings management

Common settings such as personal details, passwords, security and ad preferences can now be found in a central location, d’Apice noted. He added that this will make it easier for people who use multiple apps to manage their settings.

“For example, you can now easily make your ad topic preferences consistent for Facebook and Instagram accounts by adding those accounts to the same Accounts Center.”

In addition to bringing ad preferences to the Accounts Center, Meta is adjusting ad controls in an attempt to help users understand and manage ads across platforms. This change is most likely in response to regulatory issues regarding Meta’s personalized advertising processes.

Adding more than one account to the same Accounts Center is optional, d’Apice reassured us. “If you want to keep your accounts in separate Accounts Centers, you can.”