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Meta is going to add generative AI to WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently showed off the features during an internal meeting.

During the meeting, Zuckerberg showed off new generative AI functionality for WhatsApp and Messenger. For example, the messaging services will get AI bots that let users interact with AI models that have “unique personas” and have skills that can help and engage users.

In addition, Messenger is getting generative AI technology for AI stickers, where words are turned into graphic images via a prompt. Meta is also providing Instagram with generative AI technology that allows for editing photos or stories for publication using a text prompt.

Internal tooling

For internal use, Zuckerberg also announced a number of new AI tools. These include an AI productivity assistant, for example, for finding bugs in code, and an experimental interface for communicating with AI agents. These solutions are based on Meta’s LLaMA AI model.

During the meeting, Zuckerberg mentioned that the technology now announced might be rolled out further in other products and applications. Among other things, he talked about integration into smart glasses that Meta would now develop in collaboration with eyewear manufacturer Ray-Ban.

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