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emma launches embedded wizard to simplify cloud management

emma launches embedded wizard to simplify cloud management

At the VivaTech conference, emma (enterprise multi-cloud management application) is launching a new feature on its platform. With the “embedded wizard,” virtualization should run a lot smoother.

We recently spoke with founder and CEO Dmitry Panenkov at emma, where he indicated that IT staff should no longer have to deal with routine chores such as keeping track of VMs, clusters and other virtual environments. emma can be used to “manage applications, Kubernetes, backups and network.”

Tip: emma wants to make multi-cloud accessible for everyone

Embedded wizard

So put these words into practice, emma is now coming out with the embedded wizard. With the help of this tool, users can create instances for all sorts of different purposes, complete with an “intuitive interface.” This strikes back at a key aspect of emma: the “no-code” nature of the platform, allowing even individuals with no expert knowledge to speak of to get something meaningful up and running in the cloud.

This doesn’t mean everything disappears behind the scenes, but at least the basic configuration sounds very approachable. One has to at least choose an operating system, assign resources and define network parameters. All of this is supported by automation technology which should make deployment very fast.

Panenkov had this to say about the new developments: “With the new embedded wizard, the emma multi-cloud management platform has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the virtualization space. By making virtual instance creation as easy as ABC, the platform empowers organizations to harness the full potential of virtualization technology, enabling them to scale operations, optimize resource utilization, and achieve greater agility in today’s dynamic business landscape.”