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Report shows US is winning the global AI arms race

Report shows US is winning the global AI arms race

A new analysis of countries around the world ranks the usual suspects at the top – and helps explain why the US views China as a competitor.

This week Tortoise Media released its global ranking of nations in terms of their AI prowess and power. “The rise of ChatGPT and the ensuing arms race between big tech companies to develop their own generative AI models has led to a very public debate about how best to manage the risks of this new technology”, the authors write.

Analyzing the “three pillars” of AI

Tortoise’s Global AI Index examines the state of artificial intelligence in 62 countries, scoring nations based on three pillars of analysis: Investment, Innovation and Implementation. The 2023 update is the fourth iteration of the Index.

The US achieved the number one ranking, having scored 100 out of 100 and taking first place on all three main pillars. The authors note that “on Investment especially, the US is particularly strong due to high scores in the Commercial Investment sub-pillar”.

This is not surprising, as US tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and most importantly, OpenAI are the global leaders and innovators in the AI space.

In fact, the Index shows the US not just to be number one, but to be significantly in front of the entire field. The number two ranked country was China, which only scored 62 out of 100. That a gap this large exists between the top two ranked countries shows that the US has a significant lead over the rest of the world when it comes to AI. Still, the gap may not be large enough to some US officials.

Rankings provide few surprises

The size of the US lead is one of the few unexpected results in the report. Overall, the highest scoring nations are all in Western Europe, East Asia and North America. Singapore scores well across the board, which is another surprise. When it comes to Europe, the UK has an edge in Research and Commercial Investment while Germany – not surprisingly – scores highly on Implementation.

The authors published a detailed narrative summation of the index in their Results Piece, which can be found here.