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Kaseya unveils innovations at inaugural Kaseya Dattocon Europe

Kaseya unveils innovations at inaugural Kaseya Dattocon Europe

Between June 26 and 28, Kaseya is hosting the new Kaseya DattoCon Europe event in Dublin. In doing so, it will offer visitors the chance to witness the innovations of IT Complete 2.0 and learn about new growth strategies for the IT community.

At the end of April, we already wrote that Kaseya had added many new features to its platform with IT Complete 2.0. Now it is talking about 350 new integrations, including offerings from Datto, which was acquired by Kaseya last year.

“Organizations ‘powered by Kaseya’ are the most successful in their industry,” states Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola. He says he is proud to show the new features of IT Complete 2.0 to European customers.

Main points

Kaseya says that after acquiring Vonahi, it has reduced the price of that company’s products by 10 per cent. This acquisition has ensured that Kaseya’s Security Suite now includes automated network penetration testing.

In addition, Kaseya touts during the occasion that it has expanded the MSP Enablement Suite with audIT, with five free licenses per customer. Finally, it talks about ConnectBooster, which simplifies transaction processes for MSPs.

Other updates to the IT Complete 2.0 offering include Datto Endpoint Backup for Servers, Microsoft 365 Management in Datto RMM and Datto Networking Appliance (DNA). These capabilities integrate existing Datto capabilities within the Kaseya offering.


Kaseya also discusses a new “Professional course” within its existing Remote IT and Security Management (RITSM) training programs. In this way, it aims to certify students after 40 hours to manage critical MSP functions, including remote IT and security management, working in sandbox environments and customer service skills. In short, a broad package that highlights aspects of IT tailored to Kaseya’s customer base.