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Kaseya/Datto has moved into the UP Office Building on the IJ river in Amsterdam. Also present for the opening were Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola and CMO Mike Sanders. The office will serve as the main location for the continental European market.

Datto’s former headquarters was located on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Existing Datto customers and MSPs can now use the new location to work together on implementations. Voccola’s presence shows that Kaseya aims to expand its reach in Europe. Datto is currently a lot more prominent on this continent than Kaseya’s offerings, but the aim will be to change that.

A group of people standing in front of confetti in an office.
Source: Kaseya/Datto

From the new office, Kaseya/Datto will offer various support services in addition to sales and marketing activities. The Amsterdam location will also serve as a focal point for activities within the Benelux itself, with local offices elsewhere concentrating on other regions too.

Focused on growth

The new office should thus allow for the company’s rapid current growth, something that Kaseya/Datto says is not exclusive to them. Organizations worldwide are looking for more automation, a simplification of IT platforms and increased efficiency, meaning IT offerings from the likes of Kaseya/Datto can cater to more customers.

Kaseya has doubled in size, thanks in part to the acquisition of Datto, and says it has reached a new phase in its development. “The investments are largely in account management for both the Benelux organization and various teams serving the Nordic, Benelux and DACH markets. All this will further strengthen the close relationship with our MSPs,” the company announced.

Existing Datto customers who also purchase Kaseya IT Complete will see increasing benefits. For example, at the end of 2023, Kaseya underlined that it continues to integrate continuously with Datto offerings. Meanwhile, it says it focuses exclusively on MSPs “where the portfolio of 40+ services is also fully aligned,” including Kaseya IT Complete.

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