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Kaseya has unveiled version 2.0 of its IT Complete platform. The company announced the update during Kaseya Connect Global in Las Vegas.

Kaseya is a software company targeting managed service providers (MSPs), which in turn provide remote IT services. The company has marked the occasion by introducing a host of new features and enhancements.


Like other software companies, Kaseya puts a lot of emphasis on security. With the Security Suite extensions, network penetration testing is done automatically. The acquisition of Vonahi, which specializes in this, makes this possible.

In addition, the acquisition of audIT extended Kaseya’s MSP Enablement Suite to include an automated sales presentation solution.

In other areas, Kaseya is working with software partners. For example, the Kaseya Cyber Insurance Fast Track Program has enhanced the Business Services Suite (BSS). Users of other security suites can get cheaper insurance against cyber incidents.

The expansion of BSS does not stop there. It has launched the so-called Remote IT & Security Management (RITSM) Certification Program. In this, it is going after similar programs from Cisco and Microsoft. The certification program lasts 40 hours and prepares candidates to perform IT and security management on a remote basis. Kaseya customers can find those who pass through the KaseyaOne customer portal.

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