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Meta wants to open up Facebook ads to offer Android apps. Only Europeans will be able to use the service, once the Digital Markets Act democratizes app stores.

Europe’s Digital Markets Act is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2024. The law allows all players to offer apps. Thus, the law offers a solution to Google and Apple’s monopoly on app stores. Namely, one player controls the downloading of apps on an Android device, while the other does so for iOS devices. If these operating system developers do not open up their platforms, they risk a fine of ten percent of global sales.

Pilot study Facebook ads

Meta is already planning to compete, The Verge learns. It allows developers to participate in a pilot study in which their Android apps will become available to Facebook users. The apps will become available through Facebook ads.

According to the company, it is interesting for developers to participate in the study to appeal to a new audience. Revenue-wise, the move may also be interesting, as it does not look like Meta is appropriating any of the revenue generated by the app.