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IBM to discontinue Cloud for Education environment at the end of 2023

IBM to discontinue Cloud for Education environment at the end of 2023

IBM will discontinue its Education Cloud environment as of Nov. 30. Cloud for Education had been available for two years, offering users of academic institutions cloud-based infrastructure and services for their computing needs.

The product consisted of offering cloud-based vm’s for research. These VM’s are preconfigured with software, such as IBM’s SPSS statistical software.

End of pandemic

IBM created the service during the pandemic to allow scientists to continue researching from home. With the return to the office, IBM now sees the service as obsolete. Therefore, the service is ending and will no longer be marketed or offered.

In addition, IBM sees that other solutions can easily replace the services within Cloud for Education. The tech giant itself mentions VPC, Code Engine and other services from Dizzion and Citrix.

All subscriptions affected

Users of IBM Cloud for Education will have until Nov. 30 of this year to use the services and migrate their data. At issue are the services within the Applications Lab Base Flex Hourly Plan, Applications Lab Base Flex Plan, Applications Lab Base Plan, Applications Lab Premium Plan, Applications Lab SPSS Plan and Virtual Course Credit Subscription Plan subscriptions.

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