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Quantexa promises to invest 141M euros in AI industry

Quantexa promises to invest 141M euros in AI industry

Quantexa is going to invest 141 million euros ($155 million) in AI solutions over the next three years. In addition, the generative AI tool Q Assist was presented.

With the additional investments, Quantexa in decision intelligence aims to better help customers deploy AI to protect and grow their organizations. The arrival of the generative AI tool should also help expand the use of AI for decision processes to multiple business sectors. These include the insurance, healthcare, telecom and public sectors.

Decision intelligence platform

Quantexa provides its already existing AI-based fraud detection tool for this purpose and now wants to transform itself more into a “decision intelligence” platform. This platform uses machine learning to scan corporate data that may indicate fraud, money laundering or other criminal activity.

Introducing Q Assist

The introduction of the Q Assist tool provides agnostic functionality that allows analysts to query Quantexa platforms and especially large volumes of data with search queries, thus improving ‘entity resolution’, graph analytics and ranking. This should bring more efficiency so that virtually any analyst can deliver valuable inquiries.

Q Assist is an agnostic AI tool, so it can work with various LLM models. For example, ChatGPT. This agnostic approach ultimately allows the tool to have broader use and applicability.

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