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Many companies still often see their ERP system as an obstacle to achieving good customer satisfaction. So states SAP consultant myBrand in a recent survey.

According to the survey of 500 IT decision-makers, 30 percent see their ERP system as standing in the way of good customer satisfaction. This is because the system in question works well internally, but ultimately not for the customers it is all about.

Internally, according to the surveyed respondents, ERP software helps mainly in being able to work more efficiently and in aligning processes.


Despite the fact that their ERP system apparently does not contribute enough to customer satisfaction, companies are satisfied with the software. According to the survey, companies indicate that they can easily work in the system and that, in almost half of the responses, employees can use its full potential.

However, respondents do indicate that they could still get more out of their ERP system. Two in five respondents feel that the value of their ERP system is still underestimated.

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