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ServiceNow has added two new generative AI tools to its platform: Case Summarization and Text-to-Code. The tools should speed up decision-making within companies by automating repetitive tasks.

ServiceNow is bringing the two tools into its Now Assist portfolio. The Case Summarization tool uses generative AI to automatically compile information from data from IT environments, HR data and customer service cases. Automated summaries are then created from this.

This should speed up and facilitate transfers between customer teams and accelerate the (automated) resolution of customer issues. Employees can more easily be deployed elsewhere on more complicated tasks in this way.


The new Text-to-Code tool transforms plain-language prompts into executable code for the ServiceNow platform. In this way, developers can more easily create code for routine commands.

The code created by the generative AI tool can then be easily inserted into the DevOps pipeline and ultimately lead to a result, the thinking goes.

Available by default in Vancouver edition

The new generative AI tools are currently available only to a selected group of customers and partners. In the fall, they will be part of the then-to-be-launched Vancouver edition of the ServiceNow platform.

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