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Bing Chat is coming to all mobile web browsers. The AI assistant was previously found only on Microsoft’s own web browser and in a separate mobile app.

Microsoft is breaking down the walls it placed around Bing Chat itself. The AI assistant is coming to all competing, mobile Web browsers. “With so many new, useful features now part of Bing, we are excited to announce that you will soon be able to experience the new AI-powered Bing in third-party web and mobile browsers,” the Bing team wrote in a blog. As you note, no clear timeline has been released.

Limits in conversation length

Of course, Microsoft can’t do that without referring to the manufacturer’s self-said superior web browser. “While these experiences work well in your preferred browser, for the best Bing Chat experience we continue to encourage you to use Bing in the Microsoft Edge browser.” In competing mobile web browsers the AI assistant is, however, given some limits, making chats shorter and not adding any chat history.

The news is included in a blog where Microsoft celebrates Bing Chat turning six months old. Further adding to the list of new features are new features that have been known for a little longer. For example, the AI assistant is coming to business users with Bing Chat Enterprise. This version of the generative AI chat tool gives businesses more control over their data and data privacy.

Furthermore, the assistant gets a dark mode and the model now supports images as input. “Bing Chat can understand the context of an image, interpret it and answer questions about it,” the blog said.