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Opera brings AI assistant it developed with OpenAI to iOS

Opera brings AI assistant it developed with OpenAI to iOS

Opera is now adding the Aria AI assistant to the iOS version of its web browser. All versions of the web browser now feature Opera’s own assistant.

Now also available on iOS, the free AI service Aria is an assistant that users can use at their discretion. The assistant offers Opera browser users various intelligent insights and ideas and responsive voice commands.

Access to the AI functionality in the iOS browser comes via the “More” menu and via voice commands.

Composer underlying foundation

The assistant is the result of a collaboration with OpenAI. It is based on Opera’s own Composer infrastructure and connects to OpenAI’s GPT technology. In the near future, the Composer infrastructure should also connect to other AI models and thus further expand AI functionality. There will be new search capabilities and AI services, for example.

Bing Chat was thus allowed to have the scoop of being the first chatbot created with the help of OpenAI, but is certainly not the only one. As such, the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI is not exclusive, so both parties are pursuing their own course.

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All platforms provided

With the introduction of Aria for the iOS version of the Opera browser, all platforms are now covered. Previously, Aria was available for macOS, Windows, Linux and Android.