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Apple is giving podcast producers more tools on Apple Podcasts. Among other things, there will be more options for analyzing subscriptions through Apple Podcast Connect. There will also be more support for content creators through the Delegated Delivery tool and the Linkfire marketing platform.

Podcast producers using the Apple Podcasts platform to publish and promote their podcasts will have more options with the new functionality. The capabilities are especially suitable for learning more about listeners.

The introduction of Subscription Analytics in the interaction tool with listeners Apple Podcasts Connect a new dashboard for keeping an eye on key metrics about subscriptions and how they are growing. For example, to keep an eye on the number of trial periods started. This is completely anonymized and includes country-level heat maps.

Other functionality includes data on trends and various filters on duration of subscriptions, unsubscriptions and renewals. The tool is available for free to podcast producers with at least one active subscription and an Admin, Finance or Legal role in Apple Podcasts Connect.

Delegated Delivery tool

In addition, the availability of the Delegated Delivery tool is being expanded. Announced in January of this year, this tool allows podcast producers to publish subscriber episodes directly from their own hosting provider’s dashboard into Apple Podcasts.

The service is already offered by publishing platforms such as Blubrry, Libsyn, Triton Digital’s Omny Studio and RSS.com. These will be expanded this year to include platforms from Audiomeans, Captivate, Podbean, Podspace and Transistor. Platform Podbean already supports the Apple Podcasts platform with Delegated Delivery.

Support for Linkfire

Furthermore, Apple now also supports the podcast marketing platform Linkfire. From their own Linkfire dashboard, users can now access the analytics and insights in Apple Podcasts.

Also, producers can now link their own Linkfire landing pages to their shows in Apple’s podcast environment, including links to other platforms and a link -if applicable- to Apple’s Podcasts Affiliate Program.

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