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AWS offers new generative AI options, makes Bedrock available

AWS offers new generative AI options, makes Bedrock available

AWS has added five new generative AI solutions to its portfolio. For example, Amazon Bedrock is now generally available.

With the new generative AI solutions, AWS aims to make it easier to build applications with AI functionality. There is a focus here on ensuring better security and accessibility to AI models with proprietary data.

The most important introduction is the general availability of Bedrock. This is AWS’ managed generative AI service. It allows customers to discover, train and fine-tune their own AI models with their data on the AWS infrastructure.

The service provides access to well-known AI models such as those from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Stability AI and Amazon’s own models.

Access to Llama 2

In addition, Amazon will also give Bedrock access to Meta’s Llama models and, in particular, the newer Llama 2 model shortly. The service would be the first managed AI service to provide access to Meta’s recent AI model via an API.

Managed service Titan Embeddings

Amazon Titan Embeddings’ capabilities allow users to build AI-based applications from large data sets quickly. These are foundation models with large datasets that convert text into numeric data or embeddings. These can be used to enhance contextual search based on semantics.

This functionality is now available as a managed service.

Improvements to CodeWhisperer.

Improvements to the intelligent code tool Amazon CodeWhisperer provide new customizable capabilities. The tool now builds code based on existing code and ensures that good quality code remains available when developers bring tools together. In the process, no sensitive data is leaked, and no customer data is stored or logged from the customer’s development environment.

More functionality QuickSight

Furthermore, Amazon QuickSight, AWS’ business intelligence service, is getting enhancements with generative AI, specifically the generative tool QuickSight Q. Users can now ask questions more easily with keywords and also indicate more complex ideas.

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