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The new e-commerce app Node should make online shopping for both merchants and consumers easier and also more secure. This entirely without accounts and/or storing personal data.

According to developer I Own My Data (IOMD), Node is the first e-commerce app that strikes a balance between ease of use and security. Previously, this balance in online shopping was remote because there were too many risks. Think about remembering usernames and passwords or storing these login details on vendors’ servers.

Great privacy and security

With the advent of Node, this should be a thing of the past. The online shopping app requires no usernames and no personal data is stored. This means better security, more privacy and also faster transactions.

For merchants, the new online shopping app is particularly interesting because it offers excellent customer experience, can be easily plugged into existing infrastructure and is suitable for future developments, all customer data is always up-to-date and a very secure.

Support from major e-commerce parties

The new online shopping app is further supported by major parties in the e-commerce ecosystem. Investors in Node include Bill Me Later, Boku, Citicards, Facebook, Magento, Meta and PayPal.

The app is now available in beta for merchants who want to experiment with the technology.

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