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The upcoming release of the Android operating system, Android 15, will get a series of improved security and privacy features. These include measures against device theft, protection against fraud or phishing and more privacy for sensitive data and/or apps.

Android 15 is getting more security and privacy features to protect end users better. During this year, this release will get, among other things, Theft Detection Lock functionality.

This feature should help keep personal and financial data safe if an end user is robbed of their device. With the help of Google AI, this feature detects when someone snatches a device from someone’s hand and moves away at high speed. When it notices these specific movements, the device will lock to keep important information from the wrong hands.

Apps for real-time security check

Another new security feature for Android 15 is the introduction of Google Play Protect. This feature will use on-device AI to spot apps allowing fraud or phishing. This real-time threat detection analyzes how apps use sensitive permissions and collaborate with other apps to detect malicious behaviour.

When identifying such behaviour, the tool sends the app to Google for deeper analysis. Users are warned not to use the app or uninstall it when warranted. The tech giant explicitly states that this process does not involve collecting personal data.

Digital vault for sensitive apps

Android 15 also gets enhanced privacy functionality, with the ability to create private environments for certain apps on a device. These private environments will provide an additional layer of authentication that should make sensitive apps more secure and invisible to prying eyes.

According to Google, these private environments act as a digital vault on the smartphone where users can house apps they don’t want others to access, such as health apps or apps for online banking. The personal information used for this purpose will only be visible to the end user, isolating all data and notifications from the rest of the smartphone.

It is also possible to put a separate lock on these private spaces and hide these apps altogether.

Although the availability of the new features on Android 15 has not yet been announced, it will probably be before the final release this year.

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