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The second preview of Android 15 for developers offers new features that may come in the final version. Among others, connectivity for satellite networks, image features, security and privacy, and more flexibility for different form factors are coming into the operating system.

One of the notable new features in this second preview is built-in support for so-called “non-terrestrial” networks, in this case, satellite communications networks. These development and user interface elements should provide a more consistent experience for satellite connectivity.

Applications can discover whether a satellite connection is being used, so they better know which network services are or are not available. It is also now possible to send SMS/MMS messages via satellite.

Een smartphonescherm met de tijd, datum, weersinformatie en een melding over een Android-systeem dat automatisch verbinding maakt met een satelliet.

Another enhanced connectivity feature involves NFC. This includes allowing devices to listen for NFC adapters but not respond to them. This allows devices to send authorization for the first communication with an NFC node, such as with “tap-to-pay. This then allows, for example, single-tap payments. It also reduces the time a device has to be in the range of an NFC receiver.

Functionality, security and privacy

Android 15 now offers improvements for rendering PDF images, password-protected files, annotations, form-editing, search, and copy selections on the developer and end-user fronts. Automatic switching between languages has also been improved, and Textview can pay more attention to a piece of text for better reading.

Other new features include security and privacy. For example, in Android 15, apps can now detect screen recordings to improve security and privacy. With this feature, apps can make themselves invisible to screen recordings during sensitive actions, such as online banking, decrypting data, or entering a visible password.

Furthermore, the now-released second preview gives developers more flexibility for various form factors and screens. In Android 15, apps can now more easily support larger screens, collapsible screens, and foldable screens. For example, apps can now be present on the cover screen of a foldable device and accessible from that location.

Roadmap Android 15

The latest developer preview of Android 15 is now only available for use on the Google Pixel 6, 7, and 8 series, the Pixel Fold, and Pixel tablets. The preview can also be run in a 64-bit image using Android Emulator in Android Studio.

Tijdlijn voor softwarereleases met previews voor ontwikkelaars tussen februari en april, bètareleases tussen mei en juni, en platformstabiliteit in juli, leidend tot een definitieve release.

The second preview of Android 15 for developers should give the team behind the new version of Google’s mobile OS more feedback on how features should be tweaked in future builds, all before they are committed for final release.

A more stable version of Android 15 is expected by June this year. In the meantime, several beta versions are expected to be released to further refine the platform. The final version is probably not expected until August this year.

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