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Shutterstock brings Creative AI editing feature to platform

Shutterstock brings Creative AI editing feature to platform

Shutterstock has announced the new Creative AI feature. With it, the image bank supports perfecting the more than 700 million stock images available.

The Creative AI feature leverages OpenAI technology by integrating synthetic editing capabilities. With it, users can not only generate new content using AI, but also edit and transform images in the Shutterstock library.

The capabilities of Creative AI

Shutterstock has included six core components in the new image editing feature. A Magic Brush allows users to hover over a particular area where changes are desired. The user can then describe what should happen in the selected field: add, replace or delete something.

Een levendige verzameling van Shutterstock's Creative AI-verbeterde afbeeldingen met mensen en bloemen.

In turn, the Variations component can help generate alternate options for a stock image or an AI-generated image. The AI-generated images come from the AI Image Generator, which launched in beta earlier this year and will receive an update for the latest version of the OpenAI tool DALL-E. The AI Image Generator can create an image based on a description within minutes.

The Creative AI addition also introduces the new Expand Image and Smart Resize options. Expand Image allows users to zoom out as if using a camera lens. Smart Resize allows users to resize an image.

The sixth feature is called Shutterstock Background Remover. As the name suggests, AI makes it possible to remove the background of an image. It is also possible to replace the background.

Shutterstock indicates that image creators will be compensated if the images are licensed after editing. The Creative AI feature is now available as a beta version.

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