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Descartes Systems Group recently gave its portfolio of logistics and supply chain software a major update. New solutions and integrations should help companies improve mobile logistics and customer engagement.

New integrations and solutions released by Descartes Systems Group focus primarily on improving logistics companies’ operational fleet of vehicles. Consider improving route planning.

Fleet Control

The new Descartes Fleet Control Tower solution helps manage vehicle performance and integrates with existing trip execution and scheduling tooling. The solution also provides more options for companies looking to manage their truck fleet and commercial transportation through a single Transportation Management System.

Also, live and historical tracking functionality and the integration of Magic Load with Descartes’ route planning offer companies more options for building their loads more accurately. The combination of live and historical tracking also enables tracking of assets as well as drivers and delivery. The integration of Magic Load with Descartes’ route planning, then, allows companies to build their loads for transportation more accurately.

More options for safer journeys

In addition to optimizing route planning, Descartes also builds solutions that enhance driver safety. For example, the developer showed how artificial intelligence and machine learning make it possible to make better recommendations in terms of rest and travel times as well as drivers’ daily situations.

Hours of Service (HOS) status has also been optimized with Geotab electronic recording devices, and Mobile customers now receive proactive training to imporve driver safety.

Delivery cycle platform

A final update is that the announced Descartes Customer Engagement Platform aims to better engage users in the delivery cycle. The platform is actually a digital self-service solution that gives logistics and supply chain companies the option to view, schedule, reschedule or cancel delivery updates on demand. In doing so, the tool supports both drivers and call centres.

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