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The November 2023 Microsoft Windows 11 preview update brings improvements to Copilot. Microsoft also recently fixed a problem in Outlook that caused the application to crash.

In the tech giant’s recently released KB5032288 November 2023 Windows 11 preview update, Copilot received new functionality. The digital AI tool is now usable on multiple screens and can also be previewed as a thumbnail in the Alt+Tab dialog box. In addition, Copilot now loads faster from the taskbar.

Windows Copilot’s functionality is limited for users with a local Windows account. They can use the AI assistant for a maximum of ten times. If they want to use the tool more often, they must log in with an authenticated account.

Windows 10 users will also soon have Copilot. The AI digital assistant will roll out very soon with the KB5032278 November 2023 preview update for this version of Windows.

Other updates

Other updates from the cumulative Windows 11 KB5032288 preview release include the introduction of Windows Spotlight as the default background. Furthermore, issues have been fixed for the File Explorer windows and problems that occurred when downloading apps from the Windows Store have been resolved.

All other security updates for all Windows versions are paused this month. In addition, cumulative preview releases for Windows 11 22H2 will be discontinued as of February 2024. However, this version will continue to receive security updates. The normal release cycle of updates and patches for Windows 10 and 11 will start again in January 2024.

Outlook client patch in a separate update

In a separate update, Microsoft also fixed an issue surrounding Outlook. This issue caused Outlook desktop clients to crash when emails were sent from an outlook.com account. Many Outlook users complained, as restarting, fixing and reinstalling Outlook also did not solve the problem.

The tech giant also indicated that users could use an older version of the Outlook desktop client as a temporary fix.

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