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Windows Server updates can now be installed automatically

Windows Server updates can now be installed automatically

Microsoft recently presented the first Insider build of Windows Server 2025. Flighting is now possible in the new Windows Server version, allowing updates to be installed much faster than before.

The Windows Server Insider Preview 26040 is the first preview build of the upcoming Windows Server 2025. This is also the official name for the platform with all the new upcoming features of Microsoft Windows Server.


In the build, Microsoft introduced SMB over QUIC alternative ports for Windows Server solutions, among other features. This allows administrators to switch between using the default SMB over QUIC UDP/443 port or any port they wish.

Support for SMB ports was already added by the tech giant in Build 25992 of the Windows 11 Insider Preview program in November 2023.

Flighting added

A more important feature that will be part of Windows server is flighting capability. This functionality has now been added in the first Insider build for Windows server 2025. This allows administrators to automatically install new Insider builds via Windows Update instead of doing so manually.

This technology will also be rolled out to other Microsoft Insider channels in due course.

Furthermore, Windows Server with Desktop Experience also gets the same email account options that are in Windows 11, more Bluetooth devices are covered and WiFi wireless LAN service is automatically turned on for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Availability and expiration date

Interested parties can download the Windows Server Insider Preview 26040. However, they must have the appropriate hardware and drivers to do so.

The released build is the first for the upcoming Windows Server Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) Preview. This preview includes both Desktop Experience and Server Core installation options for the Windows Server Datacenter and Standard, Annual Channel for Container Host and Azure Edition editions. The latter edition only for VM evaluations.

The now-released Windows Server Preview expires Sept. 15 of this year.

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