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Google has expanded Chrome’s capabilities to include AI. As a result, users can now request the help of a writing assistant while searching online.

Chrome has a new AI writing assistant. This is basically an extension of the “Help me write” feature that was already available in Gmail. Google is now extending that functionality to the full scope of the web browser.

Chrome users can use the feature to have the assistant write a new text or rewrite an existing one. Examples of online practices where the assistant comes in handy include writing a review, describing a piece of furniture you want to sell or booking a hotel.

Een schermafdruk van een formulier met een tekstvak en een knop.

Source: Google

Based on Gemini Pro

The LLM Gemini powers the feature. That model has three variants: Ultra, Pro and Nano. Google would have chosen to build the writing assistant based on Gemini Pro. Google compares the capabilities of this model to those of GPT-3.5, but the company does state that Gemini Pro performs better on six of eight benchmarks.

The more powerful variant, Gemini Ultra, has been available since the beginning of this month. It is likely that this LLM was not being integrated into Help me write so as not to interfere with the paid subscription for Gemini Ultra. The LLM is available in the chatbot Gemini Advanced, for which users need a Google One AI Premium plan that costs 21.99 euros a month. Business subscriptions have also recently become available.

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The company informed TechCrunch that users who subscribe to Gemini Ultra will not be able to use the LLM in Help me write.

Limited availability

The feature is currently not available in Europe. Google says it is still in an experimental phase. It is not clear when the availability will expand.