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MacOS Sequoia brings iPhone to life on a Mac

MacOS Sequoia brings iPhone to life on a Mac

At WWDC24, Apple will introduce the latest version of macOS, which will be named macOS Sequoia this time around. Its predecessor, macOS Sonoma, was a disappointing update that made only minor tweaks or improvements. Can this version surprise its users?

Apple closes its event with the most important announcement, which is Apple’s response to the AI hype. We cover these novelties and the partnership with OpenAI in a separate blog and each will be rolled out to the operating systems for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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IPhone on the Mac

The macOS Sequoia operating system integrates with an iPhone. It displays notifications, and it is possible to make the iPhone’s home screen appear on the Mac. As a result, a digital iPhone appears on the Mac screen, and the user can control the iPhone from the Mac and open files. This can be done through the feature called iPhone mirroring.


Source: Apple

The feature is useful for bringing photos or videos from the laptop to an iPhone. From now on, this can be done by dragging the file directly to the desired location on the iPhone. The feature makes it possible to open the desired folder from the iPhone on the Mac screen, eliminating the need to scroll through a menu of folder names.

Screen layout in floating windows

Splitting the screen between multiple apps will also provide a better experience. When dragging a window, the operating system will now self-organize it into half-sides or quarter-sides. The window will be automatically pulled to one side and molded into the right shape. In addition, there will be shortcuts for splitting the screen. The same functions will surely already be familiar to Windows users.

Source: Apple

Changing settings during meetings

Furthermore, there will be an update to meetings, bringing more options to the menu that are accessible during meetings. From this menu, a user can change the background during a meeting.