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Many already know that the world of GenAI sometimes resembles the Wild West. Sometimes, companies fire off new features and functionalities faster than their shadows, only to dispose of them just as quickly with tar and feathers. Microsoft’s Copilot GPT Builder is one of those. Introduced in March of this year, it will be deleted from the offering as of July 10.

The GPT Builder functionality allows paying users of Copilot to build a personalized chatbot. The feature works based on instructions in written text. Users can specify the business domain their customized chatbot should work in and its tone, among other things, .

Although users can only train the chatbot on a PC, the homemade AI assistant can make the jump to other PCs and mobile devices, even to others without a Copilot Pro subscription.

Rather focus on other things

Microsoft said in a statement that it’s almost high noon for this feature. The company explains it wants to focus on other things in the Copilot product offering. The GPT Builder was apparently too much of a consumer experience. Currently, it’s less viable for commercial and enterprise customers, which the company prefers to focus on in this case. Microsoft did not disclose whether an alternative would become available for enterprise customers—and to what extent those customers existed.

Microsoft will remove all homemade GPT bots after July 10. Those who want to back up the specific instructions with which they trained the personal AI assistant, can go to the configure tab via edit mode to copy the data and store it elsewhere. Specific data that was added by users will also be deleted.

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