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Apple and Meta bury the hatchet to consider an AI partnership

Llama 3 too attractive to ignore for Apple

Apple and Meta bury the hatchet to consider an AI partnership

Apple is all about AI, which happens to be an abbreviation of “Apple Intelligence.” With its revamped Siri, Apple’s operating systems, like Windows and ChromeOS, will be equipped with an AI assistant. To this end, OpenAI tech has proven to be a key addition. However, it seems that Meta is also entering into a partnership with Apple.

Apple and Meta have no actual agreement yet, while the deal with ChatGPT maker OpenAI is already in place. Still, Apple continues to shop around for partners to bring generative AI to iOS, macOS and iPadOS. Talks with Google and Anthropic have also taken place, but the integration with OpenAI tech is currently preferred.

Strange bedfellows

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg have been at odds for years. Several incidents have severely disrupted the relationship. For example, Apple tightened privacy measures in the App Store in 2021, an action that Meta said would deprive it of billions a year in revenue.

With the rise of GenAI, these old feuds do not seem to be a stumbling block. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is interested in integrating with Meta’s Llama 3, a powerful open-source LLM. Internally, Apple focuses only on smaller models, leaving leading AI developers like OpenAI and Meta to handle the more complex work. This is similar to Microsoft’s AI approach, which leans heavily on the technology behind ChatGPT. However, that tech giant has put billions into the AI player and owns 49 percent of the for-profit part of OpenAI, OpenAI LLC.

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Apple, on the other hand, is opting for partnerships instead, which allows the company to switch between AI vendors over time. This strategy might come in handy if a new party emerges as a leading developer of LLMs. The deal with OpenAI, by the way, didn’t involve any money directly changing hands. Instead, OpenAI will soon offer ChatGPT Plus subscriptions through the App Store for users on iOS, macOS and iPadOS.

European users will have to wait a bit longer with Apple Intelligence, as it happens. Although the iOS/macOS/iPadOS 18 update has not yet been launched, it is already known that this “smarter Siri” with GenAI functionality will not appear in Europe until 2025. The reason is that competition rules in the EU may cause problems, which Apple is seeking to resolve before launch. Phone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing also remain out of reach for Europeans for now.