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Splunk dives further into application monitoring with acquisition of Omnition

Splunk dives further into application monitoring with acquisition of Omnition

Splunk acquires SaaS startup Omnition, which uses distributed tracing to monitor microservices applications. As a result of the acquisition, Splunk claims to have more than ten engineers with significant expertise in tracing and observations.

The plan is to add Omnition to Splunk’s IT and Developer portfolio, writes ZDNet. The technology must ensure that customers get more insight into enterprise applications. These applications can be located in on-premises data centres or cloud-based.

The combined power of Splunk and Omnition offers users a leading observability technology, argues Splunk-CTO Tim Tully. This involves combining tracing with logs within one of the most advanced IT monitoring and analytics platforms.

The cost of the takeover is unclear.


It is the second acquisition of Splunk in a short time. At the end of August, the company also took over SignalFX. That acquisition had a hefty price tag, namely 1.05 billion dollars.

SignalFX is a provider of cloud monitoring and predictive analytics tools. With the acquisition, the company hopes to become a market leader in cloud observation and application performance monitoring. This is comparable to Omnition.

SignalFX brings a number of tools for real-time cloud monitoring, predictive analytics, to its new owner after the acquisition. It also allows a number of general services to be relocated, allowing companies to better monitor and analyse their IT systems. The tools are suitable for both the cloud and on-premise.

Monitoring is becoming increasingly important

When acquiring SignalFX, Splunk also quoted a study by Gartner, which also gives a little more insight into the reasons for buying Omnition. According to that study, more than three-quarters of organisations worldwide will be running container applications in 2022.

The company wants to respond to this with an integrated platform that keeps the monitoring and analysis of data clear. This means that all of a company’s data must be available as a single, clear picture in real time.