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As Twitter adds more and more things to the timeline, it gets complaints that people sometimes feel they are missing something. This is despite the fact that these are tweets that people may have missed, or that have been licked by people who follow them. Despite good intentions, Twitterers felt they were missing out on things.

That’s why Twitter is now announcing that it will come up with a trial in the near future. It becomes easier for users to switch to a full chronological timeline. This way, people don’t get to see the missed messages anymore, but only a list with all the messages of the people who follow them and that in chronological order.

Only relevant messages

That’s what Twitter says in a series of messages. The goal is to give users more control over their timeline. At the moment, according to the social network, it is mainly the best Tweets based on your interactions that appear there. By showing these messages, people find Twitter more relevant and useful, says the network.

But at the same time it also received complaints from people who wanted to see the most recent Tweets. Because the company is looking for a balance between the most recent and the best Tweets you may have missed, it has now come up with the idea of making it possible for people to switch to a different timeline.

It will be some time before the trial starts, but before that time people can set up that they no longer get to see the – according to Twitter – best Tweets. This way, there is only an overview of messages from the people who follow them themselves.

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