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Citrix has informed us that it has taken over Sapho. This company specialises in making micro-apps for workstations. The plan is to integrate the applications of Sapho into the Citrix Workspace. The amount of money involved in the takeover is not certain.

Sapho was founded in 2014 and came up with its micro-app platform in the course of 2016. These are applications that make it possible to perform small tasks quickly, or to send out notifications. All this is done with buttons and visual clues, instead of letters. The addition of this to Citrix Workspace makes the platform more productive.

Wide range of applications

Sapho’s applications are quite broad. For example, a Concur micro-app can ask a manager to approve or reject a spending plan. A micro-app for Oracle or Salesforce offers the option to quickly send a report to your team.

There are many such apps developed by Sapho, all within the platform and all combined with other business apps. Citrix Workspace will not only do more to increase employee productivity, it will also have more connections to other business apps.

Automate more

Citrix marketing manager Tim Minahan says that the experience of employees is crucial in order to retain them. Sapho makes it possible to automate more tasks within Citrix Workplace and will therefore make the work via that platform easier and more accessible.

Sapho already offers integrations with Salesforce, Workday, Concur and also Microsoft Outlook. The intention is for the platform to be fully integrated with Citrix Workplace in the second half of 2019. VentureBeat thinks that 200 million dollars in cash has been paid for the acquisition.

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